Cosmos Recycling

Cosmos Recycling

Cosmos Recycling is a  Recyclable Waste Management company based in Ludhiana,Punjab specializes in Collecting & Handling, Dismantling refurbishing of e-waste and count recyclable waste in eco easy to use and scientific heavens. . We are authorized E-Waste company qualified by Pollution Control Board and various Government bodies.

The Cosmos Recycling company is to hand to benefit you in disposal of recyclable waste in eco nice and scientific atmosphere. We are in force towards creating a air recycling program to assuage supervision in treating their Recyclable Waste in a safe ventilate. Most companies now pay large unlimited of maintenance for the removal of their Recyclable waste, but we have a unchangeable. We will get & pick taking place your entire Recyclable Waste for efficient recycling.

What Makes us different from others

  • COSMOS RECYCLING is the best waste management service provider which is authorized by Govt.
  • Highly efficient and environment friendly recycling with minimum landfill.
  • Advanced data security and distraction system.
  • High quality refurbished system for extended value.
  • Adopt 3 R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) policies for management of E-Waste.
  • Our research and development team are working continuously to improve the process and archive the goal to protect the earth from harmful effects of landfill.

We are into:-

  • Waste paper recycling services.
  • Confidential Document Destruction Services.
  • E-Waste Collection, Dismantling and Refurbishing.
  • Old & obsolete Batteries disposal services.
  • Used oil recycling services.
  • Educational Workshops.




To be the most admired, Innovative solution provider in the field of environment protection.


Promote recycling through constant introduction of new e-waste technologies. Preserve natural resources and eliminate landfills through use of technology.

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